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Looli is a set of cookware that helps breakdown ageist stereotypes of older adults. It facilitates intergenerational bond to cultivate mutual empathy between grandparents and their grandchildren. Each step of the cooking process requires them to work together to complete a task, encouraging collaborative play and team work.


Ageism is prejudice against people on the basis of their age. It is deeply embedded in our society. According to the WHO report, unlike racism and sexism, “ageism is socially acceptable, strongly institutionalized, largely undetected and unchallenged”. This social problem stems from stereotypes and imagery that we are exposed to from a very young age and reinforced throughout our adulthood. Although ageism affects different people at different stages in their lives, it is particularly detrimental to older adults. We see it on TV shows, movies and music - older adults are ofter portrayed as decrepit, weak, incompetent, and out-of-touch with the modern world. Ageism is so pervasive and insidious that it shows up in the products and services we design. Most products like assistive devices are tacky, bulky and out of style. Medical professionals under-diagnose or over-diagnose older patients solely because of their “advanced age”. Our society’s ageist attitude leads us to assume an experience and that they would be happy to “make do” with whatever we give them. 

This project focuses on fighting ageism through intergenerational collaboration


How Ageism is Perpetuated in Our Society

Target Users and Stakeholders


67 years old
retired entreprenuer

Babysits her grandson, Gabe, everyday after school.


5 years old
attends full-day kindergarten

Gabe has boundless energy.

Multigenerational Household

Ester and Gabe live in a multigenerational home. Gabe and his parents, Cristina and Fergus and younger brother, Theo, live in the upper level of the house. Cristina's parents, Lino and Ester, occupy the lower level. Although they have separate living spaces, they often share meals together, especially on evenings and weekends. 


mom of 2 boys
works fulltime

Cristina is a second generation Filipino-Canadian and wants her kids, Gabe and Theo, to stay connectedto their Filipino heritage.


dad of 2 boys
works full-time 

Fergus wants his kids to beconscious of what they eat and have a healthy relationship with food.

User Journey Maps

User Experience Map Without Looli

User Experience Map With Looli


Looli is inspired by a famous Filipino recipe, chicken adobo. This dish is arguably every Filipino kid's favourite comfort food, including Gabe. It is chicken braised in soy sauce and vinegar, and spiced with garlic, bayleaf and peppercorns. Looli consists of the garlic peeler, garlic crusher, peppercorn shaker and a balancing scale. Each tool requires grandparent and their grandchild to work together to complete each step of the cooking process. 

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